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Work Energy: Finish What You Start and Fearlessly Take on Any Goal

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Once you understand the work energy formula, you’ll have a fire in your bones that you can turn on and wield as a weapon against any goal before you. -Jim Harmer

Work EnergyPublisher’s Summary
It was only nine years ago that Jim Harmer worked at a dollar store, stocking shelves while struggling through law school. He had worked hard for his goals, but there was no assurance in sight that he would ever achieve them.

During that year, he learned a key truth that changed the way he worked. He found the one unique quality inside him – one we all have – that gave him a reason to work. He didn’t know it then, but that secret ingredient was his “work energy”.

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Now, after creating a digital brand that has attracted over 70 million people and made him financially free, Jim has constructed the framework behind his success. Within this book, you will discover your own “work energy”: the drive behind everything you do and the reason you can take on any goal. Whether you want to crush personal, career, or any other goal, your work energy will help you get there.

Jim HarmerAbout Jim Harmer

Jim Harmer is a well-known internet entrepreneur and co-founder of Income School. His sites and Youtube videos have been viewed tens of millions of times.

I live in small town Star, Idaho with my awesome wife, Emily, and my three kids Ruger, Cole, and Faith. I’m only about ten minutes away from Income School’s offices, so it makes for a short commute, although I do miss the years of working from home.

When I’m not creating content for Youtube, I’m traveling with my family. We’ve been to many far-flung countries and been fortunate enough to be able to see much of the world. People always ask me what country I liked best, and the answer is unquestionably EGYPT!

I went with my two boys and it was the coolest experience of my life. I love seeing my kids learn from each culture they experience. When we’re in Idaho, we love spending time outdoors. We fish, hunt, shoot, camp, ride side-by-sides, and live the typical country life.

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