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Unleashing Your Productivity by Rick Ott

by Oct 3, 2016Reading List0 comments

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Secrets of Getting Things Done

Unleashing Your Productivity: Secrets of Getting Things DonePublisher’s Summary: Are you currently handling all your responsibilities in the most efficient manner possible? If not, welcome Mr. Rick Ott. His powerful program Unleashing Your Productivity is for everyone who thinks he or she can do a little bit better – anyone who wants to achieve more in less time, with less effort. It is possible!

You can work harder and you can work smarter, but unless you find a way to work more productively, you’ll never reach your maximum potential. You already possess incredible productivity power! And in this program you’ll learn to harness that power like an engine that just keeps powering you forward.

Rick Ott has made a study of the things that make some people more effective than others – discovered, distilled, and practiced the techniques truly productive people tend to use more often than the rest of us. And in this idea-packed program, he’ll enlighten you to the techniques and skills that are guaranteed to make you highly productive, too. You’ll begin to succeed almost by habit. In Unleashing Your Productivity, you’ll learn to:
Increase your energy and enthusiasm.

    • Take results-generating actions.
    • Overcome the five most common productivity barriers.
    • Supercharge your productivity with “productivity thrusters”.
    • Handle negative emotions and turn situations in your favor.

When you increase your personal productivity, you’ll lighten your workload. You’ll accomplish more in less time, meet with less resistance, and experience less stress. You’ll join the ranks of the highly productive people who get things done!

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