Strategies For Finding The Right Clients

Strategies For Finding The Right ClientsWe all know that the happiest relationships exist when two parties have a great deal in common. Shared goals, approaches, philosophies and sense of humor all lead to positive relationships, and this is especially true in business. One of the clearest paths to a successful client relationship is insuring that both parties share a common perspective and understand exactly with whom they’re doing business.

While this might sound maddeningly simple, it astonishes me how often this truth goes ignored. More often than not, a client will seek out a company that has done a good job for a competitor or for the newest “shiny penny” in the industry — regardless of the client’s own point-of-view, philosophy or needs. So it’s hardly surprising that these relationships often fail.

Below are three pieces of advice for increasing the odds that the clients you sit down with will want to sign on with you.

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