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Best Standing Desk To Buy In 2021

by Mar 10, 2021Work From Home0 comments

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Best Standing Desk To Buy In 2021

by Mar 10, 2021Work From Home0 comments

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With our sedentary office and modern lifestyle being the primary culprit, one of this year’s best standing desks will help in deducing the damage being done to bodies by sitting at a desk all day. I am not a standing desk expert and can only speak to my own personal experience and share with you some of the things that you may want to consider when choosing a standing desk. The standing desk that many think is the best overall standing desk is made by Uplift, it’s an affordable height adjustable standing desk, and is perfect for staying productive working from home.

How much should you stand at a standing desk?

standing desk controlsNumerous studies repeatedly saw an improvement in pain and discomfort as those using an adjustable desk report no longer suffering from common lower back aches and pains, no longer feeling the need to adjust the position of a keyboard and mouse, and no longer waiting on their computer to load up. 

An adjustable desk has been shown time again to promote better blood circulation and aid in the prevention of heart disease. There are also other added health benefits gained from owning one of these useful devices.

In the fall of 2019, I had a health scare and needed to take drastic measures. After my first week of using a standing desk, I noticed my blood pressure had dropped… which was an unexpected bonus. The health benefit I was aiming for was less low back pains and strengthening of my core… plus any extra calories I could burn would also be great. 

Adjustable desks come with an adjustable seat and back, which are able to be lowered and raised independently. By having two motors on each side of the desk frame, dual motors ensure the proper support and comfort of users. Each side of the desk frame also contains built-in rubber feet for added grip and protection. Dual motors make for easy mobility and functionality, even when larger people are working on the desk.

In order to properly support the user, an adjustable height adjustable desk must have a properly formed standing platform and must have a comfortable seat. A standing desk should have a seat that is height adjustable, with an equal distance between the two adjustable legs at each end. A standing desk is also one of the safest standing desks on the market.

If shopping on Amazon for a standing desk is more your speed, check out the huge selection of adjustable desks on Amazon 

How do I choose the best standing desk?

standing deskHeight adjustable desks are the best choice for people that are constantly sitting at a computer for long hours. This may include employees in the office and at home. As technology advances, these types of desks will continue to improve. A better desk means a safer desk.

A safer desk is less likely to pop open, or to collapse in on itself. Most standing desks come with a safety lock, a heavy-duty locking mechanism that prevents children or pets from accidentally hitting the desk.

These types of desks also typically have an adjustable height, making them much more versatile. The height can be adjusted from short to tall without tools or additional hardware. Users can adjust the height to their liking, and for any length of time. Many standing desks feature a height adjustment mechanism that features either a ball or a lever. These are typically found on adjustable models and are much easier to use than levers found on a standard stand-alone height-adjustment desk.

Is a standing desk really worth it?

An often overlooked feature of an adjustable desk is the ability to elevate the desk by using an uplift mechanism. One great example is the Uplift v2 is designed to add height, usually up to 6 inches, above the user. This feature is extremely helpful for persons working at heights higher than typical. For example, if you need to write on your laptop, but need to sit at an elevated computer workstation, an electric standing desk can help you reach the laptop keyboard tray. 

standing deskThe best electric standing desks are also often equipped with two different motors. A separate motor is provided for the top height adjustment, and a stronger and more powerful motor is used for the lower level height adjustment. This allows the user to choose which height level gives him/her the best comfort.

An adjustable desk may also feature two different heights for the computer workstation attached to the desk. If you are a writer who needs to type at different heights, or if you need to write from a different location, an adjustable desk that includes this feature can be very useful. If you have someone in your family who needs to watch TV, use the television monitor as a writing desk, while still being able to reach it. 

​Which standing desk is best?

fully jarvis A good quality adjustable standing desk can cost a bit of money, but if you buy the most durable models, they will last you for years to come. Adjustable stands offer the best combination of quality, value, and price. Also, if you need two separate mowers or an office desk with a chair attached to it, this feature can make your life easier, too. These versatile and useful desks are the best choice for anyone who needs a computer workstation that doesn’t break the bank. Just make sure that whichever model you decide to has the features that you want!

I almost went with a fully jarvis desk, because they offer stands that I could add to my own tabletop. This might be a great idea for people that really want something custom or extra special, but I opted to just buy something that was packaged altogether so I didn’t need to mess with picking out or customizing the top. Plus, the Jarvis was not really much a money saver. 

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