Smash It Social

Smash It SocialSmash It Social is a fantastic Facebook App for showing off your “fan reviews”.

Their revolutionary Fan Reviews social media app was designed specifically to help innovative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and companies of any size leverage the world’s most powerful form of marketing – word of mouth – to generate new referrals and revenue with a minimum of time, money and effort.

How Does It Work? Basically the Fan Reviews app facilitates the single most effective social media strategy we’ve ever developed by automating the review and referral process.

Why It Works… We all know referrals are the life blood of any sales-based business (and what successful business isn’t sales-based?) But many of us are still shy about asking. So, our new social media Fan Reviews app does it for you – automatically.

In summary, their Fan Reviews app makes testimonials from one friend to another to generate more “Likes,” posts, calls, traffic and – most importantly – new customers. At the same time, it also creates new content for your social media pages and positive brand positioning to your most receptive audience. – See more at: Smash It Social