poor people have big televisions, rich people have big libraries

Rich People Have Big Libraries

poor people have big televisions, rich people have big libraries

Poor people have big Tv’s, rich people have big libraries ~ Jim Rohn

This quote might rub you the wrong way, but I think it has merit… and is worth your consideration. If your first impression is to disagree with this statement – what does that say about you?

I personally enjoy watching television and movies on a big screen TV, and often find myself wanting to upgrade to a larger screen. Plus, I love having the full home-theater experience… especially with sic-fiction and action movies. The more the sub-woofer vibrates the room – the better!

Last year I committed to “reading” more, averaging 2 books per month… this year (2015) goal is to consume at least 3 books per month. For me personally, audio books is the best way for be to achieve this goal. I listen to mostly non-fiction books on a wide range of topics, from “new thought” to “marketing” to “personal finance”. Check out my current Reading List

Books that are gears towards self improvement and development seem to be of most interest to me. I also plan to add biographical and historical books to the mix.

On long road trips, I will add fiction books… those really make the trip go fast and much more enjoyable.

So… do you agree or disagree the the quote from Jim Rohn?
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