People over Profit: Break the System, Live with Purpose, Be More Successful

People over ProfitI started reading Dale Partridge’s blog and have enjoyed his “Get The Daily Positive” newsletter. I have not jumped into his StartCamp (yet) but Dale certainly know how to “make a living” by blogging, which is a subject I have be very interested in – for several years. He published his monthly earnings -and lets just say – Dale does okay 😉

People over Profit is a fantastic book – and I highly recommend this book for anyone how owns a business or hopes to own a business on day. You may not agree with everything in this book, but I think there are tons for very interesting ideas and concepts that could change the landscape of capitalism in this country.

One of the biggest take-a-ways, for me, is the idea that consumers need to be more intentional with the products they purchase. Do more research and use your buying power to change how companies do business.

Publisher’s Summary: Serial entrepreneur and business visionary Dale Partridge reveals seven core beliefs that create success by putting people first.

Every day major headlines tell the story of a new and better American marketplace. Established corporations have begun reevaluating the quality of their products, the ethics of their supply chains, and how they can give back by donating portions of their profits to meaningful causes. Meanwhile millions of entrepreneurs who want a more responsible and compassionate marketplace have launched a new breed of socially focused business models.

Sevenly founder Dale Partridge uncovers the seven core beliefs shared by consumers, starters, and leaders behind this transformation. These beliefs have enabled Dale to build a multimillion-dollar company that is revolutionizing the marketplace. He believes they are the secret to creating a sustainable world that values honesty over deception, transparency over secrecy, authenticity over hype, and, ultimately, people over profit.

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