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Own Your Industry By Douglas Kruger

by Mar 18, 2020Reading List0 comments

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How to Position Yourself as an Expert

Own Your IndustryAre you the Schwarzenegger of bodybuilding, the Branson of business, or the Clarkson of cars? Would you like to be? Own Your Industry is a guide to what you can do to position yourself as the “go-to name” in your industry.

Because when you are known as the expert, the icon, the thought leader – the business will come to you.

Business author and global speaker Douglas Kruger explores all the advantages of moving from amateur to expert, regardless of what you do for a living, whether you are a cartoonist or a chiropractor, an artist or an entrepreneur. Learn how to build an industry reputation, use media channels to reach your market, and communicate complex ideas through memorable frameworks.
Own Your Industry
Discover how your fee structure defines you as a beginner or a valued veteran. Learn how to develop a title, become a face and a voice in the minds of key industry players, and use simple but powerful positioning techniques to cut through the marketing clutter of your competitors. Become the answer to the question “you know who you should talk to about that?”

Own Your Industry

Douglas Kruger is a global speaker and author of a series of books with Penguin Random House. He helps businesses and brands to position themselves at the top of their industries through disruptive innovation and brand positioning.

See Douglas in action, or sign up for his weekly newsletter, From Amateur to Expert, at www.douglaskruger.co.za.

More titles from Douglas Kruger:

Is Your Thinking Keeping You Poor?

“Thinking like a poor person will keep you poor. Thinking like a wealthy person will make you wealthy. I would like to show you exactly what the differences between the two ways of thinking are and how you can use them in your favour.” (Douglas Kruger)
Being rich is not normal: most people never achieve wealth in their lifetime. The very word “rich” describes a state beyond the median, and therein lies an important lesson.

To become rich, you will have to think radically differently from the way most people around you think. Do you know what those specific differences may be? Business and wealth guru Douglas Kruger strips away the feel-good hype and gets right down to the practical principles. He leads you through the types of thinking that hold individuals, families, and businesses in generational cycles of poverty. He explores the dramatically different approaches of the self-made rich and super-rich, showing you which behaviours to begin practising and which behaviours are traitorous to your wealth potential.

Escape poverty. Raise your value. Change the trajectory of your story. It all begins with the way you think.

Douglas Kruger is a business strategist, author and global speaker. He helps organisations untangle the thinking that makes them industry dinosaurs and shows them where all the levers are for real-world innovation and growth. Douglas is also the author of Own Your Industry, Relentlessly Relevant, How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint, and They’re Your Rules, Break Them!, published by Penguin. View his videos on growth techniques at www.douglaskruger.co.za or follow him on Twitter: @douglaskruger.

What Makes Them Great?

Could you be the Branson of business, the Clarkson of cars or the Schwarzeneggar of bodybuilding? Could you stand out as the great and lasting leader of your industry? In this book, Douglas Kruger takes us on a tour of different worlds and industries, unpacking the answer to a single question: What makes some people leaders in their fields? Is it their disproportionate level of knowledge? Their charisma? Their marketing abilities?
Is it the way they portray their own identities as ideals to be emulated by tribes of believers, or is it the way they have moved a body of knowledge forward? Most importantly, is it possible for us to emulate their success? The answer is a resounding Yes! In What Makes Them Great?, Kruger’s 50 practical, easy-to-follow suggestions spell out exactly what it would take for you to become so formidable within your own industry that your competitors struggle to keep up.

Because when you are the industry leader, the undisputed expert, the entire dynamic changes: the media and the deals come to you; your level of earning is exponentially higher; you enjoy privileged access and extraordinary leeway; you arrive to find the door already open. Find out what it would take for you to become the Branson of business, the Clarkson of cars, the Oprah of talk-show television, and reap the financial and personal rewards. Find out how you can become the leading name in your industry.

How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint

The art of presenting needs a serious shake-up. Presenters are constantly on the lookout for fresh ideas to get their messages across but mistakenly believe PowerPoint is the right medium to do so. This often results in uninspiring presentations consisting of countless lackluster slides that their audiences are forced to sit through – sometimes at the expense of their own sanity.
In How to Make Your Point Without PowerPoint, renowned public speaker and Speakers Hall of Fame inductee Douglas Kruger aims to end the tedium of the PowerPoint medium. He offers 50 practical suggestions to enhance your presentation skills – including the kinds of formats you can use, different methods of delivery, and some alternative visuals – so you and your team can trade in the slides and get brainstorming. This book proves that it is possible to do an excellent job, even a superior one, without slides, by learning to truly engage and persuade. In this way you will stand out every time and, as the presenter, have an entertaining time of it!

Douglas Kruger is a business consultant, an author, and a professional speaker and is the only person in Africa to have won the Southern African Championships for Public Speaking a record five times.

In 2016, in honor of excellence in his craft, he was inducted into the Speakers Hall of Fame by the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa. He earns his living delivering presentations to audiences in South Africa and around the world. He has published a number of books with Penguin Random House, including the acclaimed Own Your Industry and They’re Your Rules Break Them!.

Own Your Industry

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