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How To Get Your Business In Google Maps

by Mar 26, 2021Marketing Blog, Search Engine Optimization

Estimated Reading Time: 2 minutes

Since 2005, Google Maps has been our go-to application for getting from point A. to point B. on a map. Also in that year, Google analytics was born and the Google platform exploded. Today, after a 1,000 percent increase, the Google systems are the only clear choice for learning about how to get your business in Google Maps.

Mapping out our locations as we move forward with our online marketing and commerce endeavors, we need Google Maps more than ever before. The Google Maps application is a part of the Google My Business dashboard. Using AdWords, keywords, and well-written local SEO for you script, anyone can now thrive with a good website. It is no longer a question of “Do I need Google Maps,” but “How do I get it?”

Here is what Google Maps can do for you:

  • Manage & track your online presence across their many platforms
  • Google Local (Google Maps)
  • Google+
  • Google Analytics and AdWords

In preparation for getting your business in Google Maps, do a bit of research and learn everything you can about the systems you will need. For instance, while Google only allows you to register in the area curious to your physical address, they do on occasion display some businesses in surrounding communities. They call these listings out as the “Local” search results found on your map.

How to get your business in Google Maps:

  • With your Google account, sign in to My Google Business and follow the prompts
  • Create a Business Profile and manage the way your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps
  • Enter the address of your business
  • Select how your business will be displayed on Google Maps
  • Find the correct category for your business and select it
  • Enter the URL and phone number for your business
  • Choose a verification option and be sure to review your information before requesting verification
  • Verify all of the information you have provided to Google and then wait for traffic to increase. It will!

Why do I need a Google My Business Account?Having a Google My Business account makes it easy for your visitors to find your company on Google Search and Google Maps and this is what all businesses need. Getting your business on Google My Business means your listing shows searches that easily lead customers to your front door and that’s for both online as well as a physical storefront.  Google My Business accounts will also improve your local SEO.

Remember, a man without advertising winks in the dark! Perseverance is what it takes to make it in business and getting your business in Google Maps is a winning formula.

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