Knowing where to start in your journey to becoming a more Godly man can seem daunting, as it should. First you have to decide that you want to become more Godly… first, let me suggest that you ask your Heavenly Father for help, in this lifelong endeavor – next, examining the advice found in Disciplines of a Godly Man by R. Kent Hughes will put you well on your way.

Actionable ideas, like how to read through the entire Bible and how to pray for others; are just a few of the items that will aid you in finding the discipline needed.

R. Kent HughesPublisher’s Summary: Our churches and homes need men willing to follow the path of godliness no matter what the cost. This inspiring, popular book has been speaking to the hearts of men for the past 10 years, and its words are still relevant.

Using engaging illustrations, scriptural wisdom, practical suggestions and study questions, Kent Hughes offers a frank biblical discussion on major areas of Christian manhood: family, godliness, leadership, ministry and more. This newly revised edition is for every man who wants to know what it means to be a Christian in today’s world.

Overall, I thought this book was great… even if the advice and suggestions are not new concepts, they are well explained and easy to implemented. I would suggest this book to any man that desires to become a stronger Christ follower.

Good luck and let me know if you have any books suggestions.