Be Your Own Cheerleader

CheerleaderSelf–promotion, at times seems to be a necessary evil… right? If you are like many freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners… you don’t want to come across as being pushy.

Here are 3 Tips to keep in-mind to use the power of self-promotion and being true to yourself.

  • Be Excited – There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to share what you are passionate about. If if just happens to be a product or service you offer, so be it. You would fault a parent that is proud of their child – in the same way, why would it be wrong for your to be excited about a recent client success. I think it is perfectly natural that you would want to tell the world.
  • Help Others – It might not be the most common approach, but when you are helpful and have the goal to service others, you are actually creating the environment for you to be helped. Without getting too metaphysical, it is a well know and accepted believe that the energy you put out into the universe  will come back to you. I am not saying that you should help others, in the hopes of getting something in return – on the contrary. You should work towards wanting to help other, purely for the sake of doing good.
  • Don’t Speak,  Listen – Similar to helping others, being a great listener might seem to be a non-self promoting activity. If you are listening, you are not talking… more than that you are being present and showing interest in those around you. When you become know as someone how listens, people will be drawn to return – in kind, by listening to you. You may find, in time, being a person of few words will be very helpful. People of few words are often listened to, when they have something to say.

So, Be Your Own Cheerleader! If you have something that you are Excited about, that will Help Others, Listen for the opportunity to share what you have to offer.

What are some other tips that will help make you a better self-promoter?

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