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I will just cut to the chase, I love CallRail and think it is the best call tracking software.

Inbound call tracking software assigns inbound calls to their source. Organizations can track which sources generate the most calls by generating different 1-800 and local numbers for ads, website locations, pay-per-click campaigns, keywords, and other information. Many call tracking providers offer advanced call routing and interactive voice response systems that provide more detailed reporting.

This allows you to qualify leads and provides more detail. Marketing teams often use inbound call tracking products to measure the success of particular campaigns. Inbound call tracking tools integrate with Digital Analytics and Digital Advertising tools to include offline conversion into overall funnels. They can also be integrated with CRM software to track and log leads.

CallRail Pricing

callrail pricing

How to Choose the Best Call Tracking Software

Before you purchase a call tracking software, there are several factors that you should consider. Multi-Channel Attribution, Dynamic number insertion, and Customer support are the features you should look for. You should also consider the price and customer support and choose the one that offers the right combination of these features. In addition, make sure the software has customer support for as many languages as possible. Read on to learn more about the best call tracking software on the market.

Multi-Channel Attribution

Using multi-channel attribution to measure the success of your marketing campaigns is crucial for determining which channels and touchpoints generate the most conversions. These systems use a variety of metrics to help you make sense of the enormous amounts of data they collect. This way, you can determine the return on your marketing investment. Let’s look at some examples of ways these tools can help you.

A call tracking system will help you to understand your audience better. You can analyze why they call your company. Call recording is a powerful feature included in the best call tracking software and provides valuable insight into your audience’s thought process. This type of data can be combined with multi-channel attribution to help you understand your customer’s journey from initial contact to purchase. With this kind of information, you can make informed decisions about your marketing campaigns.

Attribution models vary by channel, so you should be careful not to choose a single touchpoint model. Multi-touchpoint attribution allows you to consider all touchpoints that lead to conversions. This allows you to understand which marketing channels bring in the most sales. Attributing your sales based on one touchpoint may lead to incorrect conclusions and missing out on important marketing channels.

A multi-channel attribution model allows you to assign a value to every touchpoint the customer makes while interacting with your company. In addition to this, it allows you to optimize your marketing campaigns and identify the most impactful activities. Multi-touch attribution allows you to streamline data gathering and align your overall business strategy. Multi-channel attribution also allows you to integrate online and offline activities. You can even integrate your partner’s services with your call tracking solution for an integrated customer journey.

Using multi-channel attribution to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns is a critical part of the call tracking process. In order to properly understand your customer journey, call tracking solutions to use dynamic number insertion to assign phone numbers to different campaigns. This way, you can determine where each channel leads the customer to the conversion funnel. It’s essential to have the full picture to maximize your marketing ROI and optimize your budget.

Dynamic number insertion

Dynamic number insertion is among the best call tracking software’s core features. This feature swaps out phone numbers in the pool to match incoming calls with specific campaigns, enabling marketers to correlate the source of incoming calls with specific marketing campaigns. Likewise, most call tracking software includes multi-channel attribution, which helps businesses track the full customer journey and track individual actions. Here are some of the benefits of dynamic number insertion:

Another essential feature in the best call tracking software is dynamic number insertion, or DNI, which allows marketers to link offline and online marketing efforts. This attribution feature helps businesses attribute phone calls from all sources, including offline ones, and measure ROI and conversion rates. In addition, it helps marketing agencies determine which channels are working best for their clients. By using dynamic number insertion, they can determine which campaigns are converting best and which are not.

A dynamic number insertion in the best call tracking software allows marketers to assign a tracking number to an ad source. They can then see which marketing activities generated the most calls, which allows them to allocate their budgets more efficiently. Dynamic number insertion is sometimes referred to as eCommerce call tracking. It helps businesses track the customer journey and determine whether or not their marketing activities are producing results. However, not every project can afford this feature because it requires large traffic volumes.

Another benefit of dynamic number insertion in best call tracking software is the ability to feed the collected data to Google Analytics. By doing so, marketers can easily track callers and their sources and create multi-channel conversion funnels. They can also feed this data to Google Ads. This feature has proven to be invaluable for both businesses and agencies. If you want to track every single call that comes into your company, dynamic number insertion in the best call tracking software is essential.

Another major benefit of dynamic number insertion is tracking calls on a visitor-by-visitor level. This feature allows marketers to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing efforts, including ad placement and ad source. It also helps marketers optimize products and services to meet their customer’s needs. It also helps optimize content and direct marketing campaigns. Moreover, this feature makes it possible to personalize the content on a website and optimize advertising campaigns.


While there are many benefits to using call tracking software, it is important to consider the scalability of your platform. While call tracking software can be one-size-fits-all, you should always be able to scale your subscriptions in case your business grows. You should also choose a system that supports the growth of your sales team. This is because your call tracking software should grow with your business, and it is important to be able to adapt to those needs as your business grows.

Another important feature to look for in a call tracking software is social network integration. Social networking integration allows you to leverage targeted leads from social groups. Automated reports are also important for a successful implementation. Many call tracking software will generate analytics automatically based on the data you provide. A few features that you should look for are:

The system’s scalability is important for any business that plans to scale its call tracking. You will want to find a system that scales with your needs, not one that requires you to pay monthly. For example, if you have a large business with sales agents in different countries, you may want to consider an international provider that offers local numbers. Moreover, the best call tracking software should offer you the ability to use local numbers for overseas calls.

Another great feature of call tracking software is its ability to record phone conversations. You can use these recordings to improve your marketing campaigns, as they help you improve your landing page and increase your conversion rate. Another important feature of call tracking software is its integration with third-party tools. This allows you to access more data and integrate powerful features into your marketing campaigns. A third-party provider is a way to go if you need to integrate call tracking with other tools.

Customer support

When it comes to choosing the best call tracking software for customer support, it’s essential to find a solution that will allow you to manage and improve your marketing strategy. The right software will track calls, help you manage your customer service staff’s time, and help you develop and improve your marketing campaigns. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right software for your needs:

First and foremost, look for call recording features. This will enable you to capture conversations and gain valuable insight into people’s thoughts when they contact your company. Aside from that, a call recording feature provides important information about your audience and can be combined with multi-channel attribution to provide more detailed data. This can help you improve your customer support strategy and the quality of your call-center interactions. In addition, call recording will let you see which customers are most likely to leave positive reviews and recommendations on your business’s website.

Another great option for customer support is Freshdesk. This customer support software allows your team to manage and track calls from one central location, assign ownership, and set deadlines for all agents. It also provides actionable insight tools that allow you to identify problem issues quickly. Once you’ve established these key metrics, you can easily set goals for your team. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to using the best call tracking software for customer support.

Automated voicemail software is an invaluable asset if you’re a business that relies heavily on voicemail. It lets you listen to all customer messages and respond to any issues immediately. You’ll save time and effort with automated voicemail while increasing your customer satisfaction and sales. It can even help you offer special deals to repeat customers. If you’ve implemented this software correctly, it’ll revolutionize the way you interact with customers.

Inbound call tracking software can be integrated with your IVR system. This lets you intelligently route calls based on what the customer has asked and when they were prompted for assistance. In addition, to call tracking, you should also look for a CRM and sales suite that can provide you with analytics and CRM capabilities. The HubSpot CRM software lets you place calls directly from your web browser! For more information, visit HubSpot’s website.


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