TraitsOne the easiest ways to become successful is to take on those traits that ultra-successful people have. When you acquire those traits and habits found in those who have set themselves apart, over time… you will find yourself to also be set apart from the mediocre, the enemy of success.

Below is a list of 11 traits that seem most common in successful people.

1) They keep their composure.
2) They are knowledgeable and willing to share their knowledge.
3) They act with purpose, deliberate in both speech and action.
4) They tend to speak with certainty.
5) They use positive body language.
6) They make great first impression.
7) They make goals and seek out small victories.
8) They are fearless and don’t let worry keep them from taking action.
9) They are graceful, in both movement and in dealing with people.
10) They are honest and have an extreme high regard for integrity.
11) They are grateful and show appreciation for the smallest things.

I am sure there are other traits shared by successful people… and I cautious, do you have any habits or traits that you have notice common in successful people that you would share?